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We deliver in-person specialised courses in manual medicine, from clinicians to clinicians, to meet the needs of healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers and from any part of the world. Our courses are designed to deliver science-based knowledge and competencies and improve best practices to provide better and empathic person-centred care. Our offer stems from the idea that clinical learning should be interactive, free-flowing, and supportive, generating positive debate between learners and teachers.

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The network for advanced education in osteopathy and manual therapy, from clinicians to clinicians

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Our faculty comprises international experts in different areas, all driven by the passion to equip healthcare professionals with practical, ready-to-use skills. Networking among professionals, with humility and passion, is the key to reaching meaningful improvements in patient care. Our improvement as professionals translates into improving the quality and effectiveness of person-centred care.

Medi-Cine Online Academy combines our dedication to elevating the standards of clinical practice in manual medicine with promoting positive debate and collaboration among clinicians. Our extensive educational experience supports our goal of enhancing practice and patient care. We foster a vibrant learning community where healthcare professionals engage in meaningful discussions, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Our meticulously designed courses facilitate lively conversations and collaboration, incorporating the latest scientific advancements to set a new standard in manual medicine education. Join us to revolutionise manual medicine, shape the future of healthcare, and improve patient outcomes through science-based education and a supportive professional community.


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